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At Emoria Studios our goal is to provide challenging and progressive instruction, at the same time, to allow our students to enjoy themselves and release inner feelings through body-movement expression. Instruction is geared to produce technically sound injury free artists in a caring environment with an emphasis on self-esteem. You will quickly learn that Emoria Studios is a special place, where students learn not just a love of dance, music, movement and fitness, but also teamwork, discipline and life skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.


  • Beginner Ballet Shoe Beginner Ballet Shoe $19.99 $18.00
  • LGWR Legwarmer $9.99
  • 208 Split Sole Ballet Shoe $19.99
  • 10272 Skirted Camisole Leotard $22.99
  • LRDR_2012_FALL Lyndhurst Recreation Dance Recital – Fall 2012 – Digital Download $25.00
  • 101 Nylon Short Sleeve Leotard $18.99